Package Design | Educational Piece  | 2011
Concept for educational package
Identity, message, execution and package. Creating a name for the product.
Creating a package using inexpensive materials which presents the recipient with an educational experience. The solution should be easily replicated.

The Educational Piece will be: An interactive publication representing the four main principles [Proximity, Closure, Continuance, Similarity]  by using Scanimations.
Gestalt Principles Of Perception.
 “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

"The idea behind the principles of gestalt. It's the perception of a composition as a whole. While each of the individual parts have meaning on their own, taken together, the meaning may change. Our perception of the piece is based on our understanding of all the bits and pieces working in unison.
The purpose of studying gestalt is to gain a better understanding of the underlying principles that structure composition."
An animated optical illusion that consist of two layers: 1- black vertical bars on a transparency film. 2- animated frames layer of white paper. when moved it creates animation.

Logo Explorations
Final Logo Explorations
Gestillusion is a synthesis of two words “Gestalt” which is the subject, and “illusion” as for the technique used to transpose the flat images into a three-dimensional animation.

Publication Spreads
Minimal monochromatic approach, influenced by the Bauhaus movement.

Spread | Proximity
The spread is extended on both sides, to place the Scanimation layer.
Spread | Scanimation Layer
 Animbar used to create the Scanimation layers. First, designing the shapes of the subject as multiple frames using Photoshop. Then uploading the frames to Animbar to create the final product.
Printable versions: Black + White
Brand Palette
© Nada O. Al-Rajeh 2011
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